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The finest service we provide our cliental is pride in our workmanship. When we work on other people’s bikes we do so as if they were our own. We consider ourselves craftsmen, technicians and professional mechanics.

At Brockley Bikes you’ll find that we don’t blind you with science. For the more serious rider you can be confident there is someone who knows the best products and components to use for a given discipline and usage. We think about what you want from your machine and ask you the right sort of questions. That way you end up with the perfect products and services for your individual needs.

Before you can really have the ultimate riding experience your machine must run at its optimum. When I started my cycling career in outback Australia at the age of nine, I really didn’t have the best equipment. In fact, far from it! The other thing I didn’t have was a local bike shop to help me fix my bike or indeed make it run at its best. I learnt how to fix bikes the hard way… through trial and error.

I went on to spend many years racing bikes on the track, road and off road with the ultimate point being representing Australia. I was acquiring skills, knowledge and experience that would be the foundation of my career. I have raced at the highest level, ran workshops for prestigious manufacturers, commuted distances you wouldn’t believe. Along the way I have learnt how a bike truly operates in relation to itself and the rider. I have a passion that reflects in my business.

It’s the little things that you do to a bike that makes it feel and perform much better. It doesn’t matter if it’s a child’s bike or a £10,000 road bike. All of the fundamentals are the same. Often these things only have to be done once. I know this and have always treated every bike I work on like I am going to ride it. I enjoy doing it and it keeps my customers coming back.

Having been in the leisure industry for over 15 years, it is extremely important to have confidence and trust in a company who can meet the demands of the business. Having used the services of several suppliers in the past I can truly say that Brockley Bikes are “Simply The Best”.
Mark Amos
General Manager
Amida Racquet and Spas Beckenham

After being bitten by the cycling bug 5 years ago, I spent 2 years trying to find good people to work on my bikes… to no avail… then I found the brockley bikes, not only did they offer me great service at a very reasonable price, but were also happy to take time to impart their wealth of cycle knowledge to me when asked, usually over a free coffee!
Since then they’ve put together numerous bikes for me, always quickly and always professionally. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Andy Horn
Art Director

Hi Ashley
Thanks again for all of your help on this… I’m impressed with the overall professionalism and dedication of Brockley Bikes, not to mention the technical ability! I’ll definitely be using you guys again!


Hi Guys
Just a quick email to say thanks for doing such a great job on servicing my bike.
It was a real pleasure commuting into work this morning (and took about half the time!).
Thanks again and I’ll try to remember to get it serviced sooner next time…


I just wanted to say I was very happy with the work you did to my bike, it’s a dream to cycle again now! Thanks so much.



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Terms for Corporate Customers
All payments to be made 14 days from invoice.
Any payments not made within 30 days will automatically incur a 5% penalty charge (minimum charge of £25) for all labour and parts supplied unless otherwise previously agreed in writing by a Director of Brockley Bikes Limited.
All goods supplied remain the property of Brockley Bikes Limited until payment is received.
For full terms and conditions please contact us.

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