Before you can really have the ultimate riding experience your machine must run at its optimum. When I started my cycling career in outback Australia at the age of nine, I really didn’t have the best equipment. In fact, far from it! The other thing I didn’t have was a local bike shop to help me fix my bike or indeed make it run at its best. I learnt how to fix bikes the hard way… through trial and error.

I went on to spend many years racing bikes on the track, road and off road with the ultimate point being representing Australia. I was acquiring skills, knowledge and experience that would be the foundation of my career. I have raced at the highest level, ran workshops for prestigious manufacturers, commuted distances you wouldn’t believe. Along the way I have learnt how a bike truly operates in relation to itself and the rider. I have a passion that reflects in my business.

It’s the little things that you do to a bike that makes it feel and perform much better. It doesn’t matter if it’s a child’s bike or a £10,000 road bike. All of the fundamentals are the same. Often these things only have to be done once. I know this and have always treated every bike I work on like I am going to ride it. I enjoy doing it and it keeps my customers coming back.

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