Our Customers

Our customers take their cycling seriously and because the bike is a big part of that we have the same approach. We are strong believers that if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right, the first time. That’s why it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re six years old and want the fastest bike on the block and want it to stop as well, or you’re a serious racer who wants the upper hand on their competitors, we are here to make your machine perform incredibly.

A great mechanic will enjoy getting the most out of the bike he is working on. The mark of a great mechanic is someone who does all the little things to make it run better. As with many things it’s fundamental and if you can get that right the bar is lifted higher no matter where you started. We just do the things other mechanics don’t.

So, if it’s just a little repair on your trusty commuter bike or a complete build up from scratch, including hand built wheels, why not try us and find out why customers keep coming back?

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