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Our customers take their cycling seriously and because the bike is a big part of that we have the same approach. We are strong believers that if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right, the first time. That’s why it doesn’t matter to us whether you’re six years old and want the fastest bike on the block and want it to stop as well, or you’re a serious racer who wants the upper hand on their competitors, we are here to make your machine perform incredibly.

A great mechanic will enjoy getting the most out of the bike he is working on. The mark of a great mechanic is someone who does all the little things to make it run better. As with many things it’s fundamental and if you can get that right the bar is lifted higher no matter where you started. We just do the things other mechanics don’t.

So, if it’s just a little repair on your trusty commuter bike or a complete build up from scratch, including handbuilt wheels, why not try us and find out why customers keep coming back?

Welcome to our workshop. We operate differently than a normal bike shop. This is a service centre where you can have repairs and servicing done better and faster. The only bikes we build here are from scratch. All we have space for is high quality spares and accessories, repair storage and the mechanics area.

There is a slick system for booking your bike in. We’ll have a look at it there and then. The work required and the cost involved will be explained and where feasible we will have your bike back to you the same day. As soon as it is complete you will receive an email so you can pick your bike up and get back on the road.

Small repairs can usually be done whilst you wait.

Hand Built Bikes
Hand building a bike is a talent and a skill. We combine this with a passion to get every bike we build just right for the customer. There is nothing quite as satisfying as riding a bike built from scratch to suit you and your needs. We also offer this service to customers who have a bike they want re-built to get the most out it.

If you are serious about your cycling there is no better treat than to have a hand built bike by Brockley Bikes. With 30 years experience of hand building bikes and seeing the benefit of doing it right we ensure that all the details are correct.

The end result is a bike that will feel fantastic mile after mile and will only need routine servicing. There will be no creaking noises, missed gears or squealing brakes. Our customers are professional racers, tourists and every day commuters who are all looking for the same thing. The confidence that their bike will perform to the level they want.
If you are not sure what is right for you we are only too happy to discuss your requirements before you decide. We have competed in road, track and mountain bike racing at an international level along with years of serious commuting. This enables us to advise the perfect frame and components to suit your every need. Of course if you are going to have a hand built bike you should also have your wheels hand built.

Hand Built Wheels
It’s the mechanic that makes the bike and this could not be reflected more than with hand built wheels. You can spend as much money as you want on a pair of wheels, but unless they are built to a high standard then the rest of the bike will never be at its best. They truly are the foundation of any good bike and if built properly will change the whole experience of cycling forever.

That’s why some consideration to the builder should be taken. The labour cost to build wheels is about the same no matter where you go. Unfortunately, the quality, performance and reliability will differ significantly. We have been hand building wheels for international riders, including Olympic and world champions and the every day user for over 20 years. There is a passion to get the wheel perfectly straight and round with strength to give unsurpassed braking, acceleration and handling to really change your riding experience forever.

You choose the components and we’ll put the most important element in. Many years of expertise and skill to give you the ride of your life.

Often when one thing on a bike goes wrong the rest of the bike will not be far behind. It will cost more to have a string of repairs done than to have it all done at once. We know this and being fair to our customers we will always offer your bike a service rather than having a few repairs done.

Safety Check / Basic Service (from £20)*
• Check previous service history
• Frame and all components checked for wear
• Lubricate cables where essential
• Reset the whole bike to the manufacturers’ specification

General Service – A Basic Service plus the following (from £40)*
• Remove and clean the drive train
• Clean frame checking for damage/fatigue
• Rebuild bike replacing any worn parts

Full Service (from £80)*
We strip the bike down of components; clean them all before re-assembling with the same care as a hand built bike. Any components showing signs of wear will be replaced.


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