We offer different services for each individual health club.

Safety Check / Basic Service
• Ensure that all fasteners are tightened correctly
• Ensure that resistance and emergency brakes operate correctly
• Check highly stressed parts (e.g. cranks) for cracks or other damage
• Test ride bike to ensure that it is smooth running and no parts of the drive train are bent

General Service – A Basic Service plus the following
• Clean the bike with a water repellent
• Grease threaded adjusters to prevent seizure
• Loctite certain threaded parts to prevent loosening
• Service/replace bearings as necessary
• Adjust chain tension
• Replace any worn parts

Full Service
• We will strip the bike down of components; clean them all before re-assembling it with far more care than when it was first built. Any components showing signs of wear will be replaced.

Cleaning contract
Keeping your spin bikes clean is the best value way to look after a large investment. If your bikes have few mechanical problems, but are corrosion free, this service will make them better than new!
• Gym members will always have a clean bike for their work out
• The cleaning products we use repel moisture- corrosion damage will be prevented
• Any worn parts will be spotted while being cleaned- less breakages
• Bikes will last much longer
• Ensure other failures are not about to occur
• Prevent the inconvenience and loss of revenue that would occur if another bike were to break in a few days time
• Prevent anyone from being injured by a faulty bike

Call Out Fee
A Call out fee is standard practice in the maintenance industry. They can be avoided at Brockley Bikes. If one bike breaks, there is high probability that more failures are about to occur; all the bikes are used at the same time so if one part has worn out/failed others won’t be far behind. We could repair the one bike and leave the client with an appearance fee larger than the repair cost (as most do). We feel there is a fairer way. By giving every bike in the fleet a safety check while on site we can.
For repairs and small fleet services (at our discretion) we charge a small call out fee depending on the nature of the repair and when the fleet was last serviced by Brockley Bikes.

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