Bicycle Maintainance Videos

Finally, we have put together some videos to help you keep your bike in top running order in between having a service done.

Please don’t do any of these procedures if you don’t feel confident doing it. I hope I have explained them enough for one to know whether it is within their capabilities.

Remember serious jobs should always be done by professionals. We have the know how, the tools and we want to keep our customer’s bikes safe and running at their best.

Brockley Bikes – Ashley’s Top Tips

Brockley Bikes – How to tighten your brakes up

Brockley Bikes – How to change a tube

Brockley Bikes – Winter Safety Tips

Remember, if you aren’t sure about something you can always pop in and we will take a look free of charge and give you our best advice.

Brockley Bikes – Get your seat height right

Get your seat height right… The bike will be faster, safer and better for you!!

If in doubt, pop down to the shop and speak to us. We are only too happy to help and if you want your whole position set up we do it for £20.

Brockley Bikes – Building a boxed bike

If you buy a bike over the internet it won’t come built ready to ride. This video shows the work and required tools involved in building a bicycle out of a box. It is definitely worth having your local bike shop do it for you to make sure it is safe and working correctly.

 Brockley Bikes – How to clean your chain properly

If  you need to clean your chain this is a simplified way of doing it the same way we do in the workshop. Don’t be fooled by the idea that you need to use solvents or degreasers on your chain. The use of solvents is not recommended by any of the chain manufacturers.

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