Would you like to learn how to fix your own bike to save time, money and gain a sense of achievement? How about having a tutor with a lifetime experience in bike mechanics at the highest level? I taught myself through trial and error as a teenager out of necessity racing bikes to finally represent Australia. I also have experience in teaching groups this skill. My previous vocation before opening my own shop was a trainer and assessor of bicycle mechanics to an NVQ level.

One can only learn so much from a book or watching You Tube about bicycle maintenance. I am not against either of those ways and have a channel with bike building and wheel building tutorials. I have been expanding the catalogue this year which you can find here…

Still, there is no substitute for face to face learning with practical application and someone you can asks questions of, walking you through the right way to do it. So, I am looking at the idea of running basic bicycle maintenance classes in the Brockley Bikes workshop. Once they are up and running I’ll look at doing more advanced courses if I find there is a big enough demand. They will be done individually or in small groups based on each person’s current level of knowledge/skill and further requirements. It will work best if the group members have similar starting points and aspirations.

Alot of bicycle maintenance is prevention rather than cure. The initial course will cover basic maintenance and repairs being taught at a professional level to give you the confidence to keep your bike in shape in between servicing and keep you out of trouble should the need arise. You will be working on your own bike so you may well be getting jobs done in the process as well.

Each course will run for 2 hours with extra time allotted if required to ensure each attendee understands all of the elements. Course price will be £95 with an introductory discount for the first 10, maybe more attendees.

If you are interested then please fill in the form further down stating what your perceived level is and what you would like to learn. Below is a list of initial ideas.


  1. Bicycle Maintenance Safety
  2. Carry out a systematic cycle check
  3. Repair a cycle puncture and replace inner tube
  4. Replacing brake pads – rim type or disc type (separately)
  5. Indexed gear adjustment
  6. What we like to call ‘A Final Bolt Check’
  7. Wheel removal and fitment
  8. Brake adjustment
  9. When to take your bike to the shop for servicing or more technical jobs

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