Hand Built Wheels

It’s the mechanic that makes the bike and this could not be reflected more than with hand built wheels. You can spend as much money as you want on a pair of wheels, but unless they are built to a high standard then the rest of the bike will never be at its best. They truly are the foundation of any good bike and if built properly will change the whole experience of cycling forever.

That’s why some consideration to the builder should be taken. The labour cost to build wheels is about the same no matter where you go. Unfortunately, the quality, performance and reliability will differ significantly. We have been hand building wheels for international riders, including Olympic and world champions and the every day user for over 20 years. There is a passion to get the wheel perfectly straight and round with strength to give unsurpassed braking, acceleration and handling to really change your riding experience forever.

You choose the components and we’ll put the most important element in. Many years of expertise and skill to give you the ride of your life.

Ashley has built several sets of my wheels over the past couple of years, The first were some for my touring bike. I took 30 kilos (plus me!) on a 1000 mile trip across Europe – on road, on bumpy paths and down rocky cliffs- and to this day, they are still dead true. Ashley builds wheels the way they should be built, strong and lasting. There is a great attention to detail and a stern promise of their durability. – Jo

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