London Bike Show Fastest Wrench Trophy…

As you can imagine, we are quite proud of Ian’s achievement of 2013 Fastest Wrench at The London Bike Show. He did get quite a good prize courtesy of The ACT and Madison, but we are putting a little something together for him. We decided to make him a trophy fitting to the achievement.

I am not going to give it all away until it is complete, but I have a little snippet of lies ahead for you…

We went to see our friend Jared yesterday who is just an awesome engraver. He has already done a couple of engravings on the Malcolm frames which looked great! So, we took him a couple of steel Park tyre levers. He supplied the plaque and half an hour later we have the centre piece for Ian’s trophy.



Thanks Jared!!

The only real bummer is the cat got out of the bag and Ian already knows about his trophy. We’ll post a picture of the finished article when it is done.

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