Pop Up Ping Pong & Viper Challenge at The Old Nun’s Head

Looking for something fun to do tomorrow night… we made our way down to The Old Nun’s Head in well, Nunhead last Wednesday night for a team building evening.

We booked a table with @PingPopPong for an hour hosted in the upstairs function room… We had a really good laugh and found that Ollie is the dark horse when in comes to table tennis, casually whipping us all!!

Afterwards, we all went down to the main bar to try the Wednesday night special @theoldnunshead… wings and ribs!! The food was pretty good and Troy stepped up to the plate (pardon the pun) to take on the Viper Challenge. The idea here is to eat four large chicken wings with The Old Nun’s Head Viper sauce on them.

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At the top of the leader board was a time of 1 minute 4 seconds and the staff weren’t really expecting what happened next. Troy destroyed the current record sucking the chicken from the bones in a staggering 51 seconds. We think he was cheated a little and really did it in 46 seconds, but we aren’t the time keepers and it is still another record from one of the Brockley Bike boys.

 So, now he is not only as quick as Chris Hoy on the rollers, but he is the leading Viper Challenger. Well done Troy and thanks to the other guys and our hosts for a great evening of food and fun.

If you want to see what it’s all about, Pop Up Ping Pong is on at The Old Nun’s Head again tomorrow night and don’t forget to get yourself some good food while you are at it.

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