This is a little embarrassing – we have lost one of our beloved courtesy bikes…

We are offering a reward of  between £50—£100 (depending on condition) for the safe return of one of our courtesy bikes. It was lost in the early hours of  Saturday 27th of July in the area of Camberwell Church Street and Peckham Road. We have had a couple of search parties out, but we have been unable to locate it.

It is nearly identical to the picture with a few little changes such as extra lights and a black rear rim. It is unlikely that someone would be able to use it as there is a Trelok frame mounted wheel lock on the rear and this would have to be ground off to make it usable—we have the key here!!

We are happy to pick it up and just need to know the location if anyone sees it so it can be returned to it’s stable for our customers to use.



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