Herne Hill – Man v Bike…

So, I had an interesting link sent to me from my friend Harry in Australia… funny thing is that it is situated somewhere much more local – Herne Hill. It’s always nice to hear from Harry and while he and his wife stayed with me a couple of years ago we spent some time taking photographs at Herne Hill. He also took the time to make some very good videos on wheel building and building a complete bike.

I am undecided at the moment whether to release them… some interest in having these videos done by a professional rather than the hit and miss stuff you can find elsewhere on the internet may move more toward making them public.

Anyway, Harry sent me this link which raises the age old question of is it the man or the machine that makes the difference? It’s nearly ten minutes long, but I watched the whole thing already knowing the answer…


If you want to know how to make your bike suit the purpose you have it for… come and have a chat and every ride will be better for you.

Thanks for the link Harry… love it!!

By the way, it’s worth checking out Herne Hill… they always have loads of things going on for all different types of people who ride bikes or are just interested in them.



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