Are cycling apps being used by criminals…..??

This morning we received an email from someone who has had his bike stolen which we can definitely sympathise with, especially at the moment. In his email it has been suggested that “criminals are using cycling mapping apps, MapMyRide, Strava, or Endomondo as an ‘address book’ to target cyclists.

He has asked us to alert any of your customers to check the privacy setting on their mapping apps and ensure their rides are set private to the work/home address is not revealed.

“I would hate for other cyclists to go through the trauma of being burgled and have their pride and joy stolen.”

Sorry you have lost your bike and if anyone sees it can the please contact us at the shop and we will give you his details. His bike is a Cannondale Bad Boy 6 – see pictures below…

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Thanks for the heads up and if you use these sort of apps please be careful who can see where your bike is. Also, let’s get this Tweeted and Facebooked around so we can nip it in the bud.


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MISSING ORANGE FANDANGO – Thanks for the support!!

We’d like to send out an initial thanks to our customers for their support in locating the missing Orange Fandango. Alot of people have replied to our appeal to recover her and have promised to keep an eye out. Some have tweeted for her recovery and Brockley Central have placing an unsolicited post on their blog…

We believe The Orange Fandango went missing between 7:50am and 10:45am as a result of our postie saying it wasn’t there when he delivered the post on the 6th November and when we left for work on the same day.

 PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact us if you have any information of her whereabouts day or night. Calls to the shop come through to my mobile out of business hours.

Thanks again for your support and good wishes…

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Earlier in the year we had the embarrassment of losing one of our courtesy bikes. Thankfully, after emailing our customer base, we were able to recover it.

This is a much sadder day!! Someone has stolen our shop bike, The Orange Fandango. It has been our company mascot for nearly a decade and is the reason everything we have is orange. We have used it for competitions (WHERE IS THE ORANGE FANDANGO) where our customers have benefited from the prizes, we have taken it to different parts of the country for photo shoots and we have all had the pleasure of zooming around London (mainly South East) on her. We truly believe her to be one of Brockley’s Icons!!


I am personally very upset about this event and feel the only way my faith in humanity can be restored is if we can get her returned to her rightful place.




We are offering a reward of between £50—£100 (depending on condition) for the safe return of our beloved Orange Fandango. It was stolen on the 6th November during the day from outside a house on Arica Road.  We have had a couple of search parties out, but we have been unable to locate it.

It is nearly identical to the picture with a few little changes such as white wheel rims, an old Brooks saddle, Chrome head light and no longer has the sign. It is unlikely that someone would be able to use it as there is a Trelok frame mounted wheel lock on the rear and this would have to be ground off to make it usable—we have the key here!!

We are happy to pick it up and just need to know the location if anyone sees it so it can be returned to its rightful home at Brockley Bikes.


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A rewarding morning…

A massive thank you to Charles who responded to our email regarding our missing post bike. He spotted it in Peckham and when we followed up his information we found it straight away.


Ian has been reunited with his ride to work and we have our bike to lend out again. Enjoy your reward Charles and thanks a million…

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This is a little embarrassing – we have lost one of our beloved courtesy bikes…

We are offering a reward of  between £50—£100 (depending on condition) for the safe return of one of our courtesy bikes. It was lost in the early hours of  Saturday 27th of July in the area of Camberwell Church Street and Peckham Road. We have had a couple of search parties out, but we have been unable to locate it.

It is nearly identical to the picture with a few little changes such as extra lights and a black rear rim. It is unlikely that someone would be able to use it as there is a Trelok frame mounted wheel lock on the rear and this would have to be ground off to make it usable—we have the key here!!

We are happy to pick it up and just need to know the location if anyone sees it so it can be returned to it’s stable for our customers to use.



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Herne Hill – Man v Bike…

So, I had an interesting link sent to me from my friend Harry in Australia… funny thing is that it is situated somewhere much more local – Herne Hill. It’s always nice to hear from Harry and while he and his wife stayed with me a couple of years ago we spent some time taking photographs at Herne Hill. He also took the time to make some very good videos on wheel building and building a complete bike.

I am undecided at the moment whether to release them… some interest in having these videos done by a professional rather than the hit and miss stuff you can find elsewhere on the internet may move more toward making them public.

Anyway, Harry sent me this link which raises the age old question of is it the man or the machine that makes the difference? It’s nearly ten minutes long, but I watched the whole thing already knowing the answer…

If you want to know how to make your bike suit the purpose you have it for… come and have a chat and every ride will be better for you.

Thanks for the link Harry… love it!!

By the way, it’s worth checking out Herne Hill… they always have loads of things going on for all different types of people who ride bikes or are just interested in them.



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Tour de France Fan Park…


Instead of sitting in our lounge and watching the finale of the 100th Tour de France, we have jumped on our bikes and ridden over to Canary Wharf to the Fan Park.


Loads of people have come out to watch Froome win his first tour. Big, big TV screen, good food and beer… oh, and bikes!!


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Hanging shelves with bike chains…

So, we have had something bothering us for years. We have a space along a wall in our shop which has always been wasted for storage. It runs above our stock board and it has always looked too confined to get any sort of normal brackets in there.

It has to be strong and safe so we can store stuff on it. The real problem is supporting it. Well, we have come up with something a little different at a very low cost. When I say we, I really mean Ian and his ingenious mind.

So we had some shelves made by Jason @madebyjason and then suspended them from the ceiling with bike chains. Genius and very cost effective. Now we have somewhere to store our helmets. I know they aren’t heavy, but we are now good to store anything we want on the shelf.

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Thanks for the brain power Ian!! Simples!!

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Dulwich street art by bike…

The Dulwich Festival had a street art tour which we missed out on getting tickets for… So my lovely girlfriend came up with the great idea of us jumping on our bikes to go and find these fun little treasures.


We did it in two parts, one a couple of weekends ago – ran out of time as the first few we couldn’t find and we had a table reserved @ The Big Red Pizzeria in Deptford…

Have had pizzas from here a few times and they are pretty good! The eating in on the bus is something to be experienced… would recommend to anyone.

And last night we finished the tour – I think we saw most of them and ended up on Bellenden Road in Peckham.


This was the initial plan to end up here and have something to eat. The Begging Bowl was where we were headed, but it looked busy and as we were taking pics of our last discovery, we discovered something else well worth the trip. A little place called Anderson and Co. tempted us through their door with their inviting atmosphere. We had some very lovely food, lovely wine and a few nice chats with the owner, Lisa who lives locally in Brockley. Great find and will definitely be going back again. Thanks Lisa…


This isn’t where we had dinner, but one of the houses with art on the front of it. I will let you find the rest for yourselves if you a fancy a bike ride around surrounding neighbourhoods, finding some nice things to look at and something nice to eat.

Here is the location map…

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London Bike Show Fastest Wrench Trophy…

As you can imagine, we are quite proud of Ian’s achievement of 2013 Fastest Wrench at The London Bike Show. He did get quite a good prize courtesy of The ACT and Madison, but we are putting a little something together for him. We decided to make him a trophy fitting to the achievement.

I am not going to give it all away until it is complete, but I have a little snippet of lies ahead for you…

We went to see our friend Jared yesterday who is just an awesome engraver. He has already done a couple of engravings on the Malcolm frames which looked great! So, we took him a couple of steel Park tyre levers. He supplied the plaque and half an hour later we have the centre piece for Ian’s trophy.



Thanks Jared!!

The only real bummer is the cat got out of the bag and Ian already knows about his trophy. We’ll post a picture of the finished article when it is done.

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